Joe Goddard and Raf Daddy are The 2 bears

The 2 Bears - humorous album to 'lift people's spirits'

With Hot Chip’s four studio albums, a solo album “Harvest Festival” and the running of genre-defying record label Greco-Roman under his belt, Joe Goddard has been a busy man. This man who has been called a musical genius of our generation will stop at nothing to produce quality music. The 2 Bears – his new musical project with Raf Daddy – is no exception.

The 2 Bears - Be Strong

Album 'Be Strong'

Their debut album Be Strong is a veritable picnic of electro-pop, witty lyricism and a striking voice that is, in my mind, the personification of a bear. I have to admit that on my first hearing of their album, I wasn’t overly enamoured by it. I found the comic bear-voice which appears in many of the tracks more comical than attractive as part of a piece of music. But this album is DEFINITELY a grower. Give it a couple of listens and you will be all about “the bear hug”.

Have a hear:

The 2 bears are playing at Stattbad Wedding, Berlin on Saturday 25th February under Greco-Roman. There are many other acts playing as well as some surprise guests. If you want more information or tickets click here.

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