The soulful melodies of Duran Butler’s ‘Venting’

Recently and… a little bit less recently, I have found so much hiphop not only uninspiring but completely exhausting to listen to. Rapping has become more and more about angry screaming and less about crafted lyricism combined with compelling, handsome beats.┬áRecently, it all seems so loud, no matter how low the volume is… that’s just my opinion… or possibly my speakers…

Anyway, Duran Butler’s ‘Venting’ ironically despite the name is an extremely enjoyable listen and a great hiphop track. For those of you who are equally as exhausted:

I haven’t managed to find a place where you can buy his tracks. But if you look on SoundCloud under the user EyeamDuran, there are a lot of his songs on there.

Here is another one called “Beautiful Distraction”:

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One Response to The soulful melodies of Duran Butler’s ‘Venting’

  1. Mario says:

    It’s hard work for me to notice good thigns! lol. But here’s another one to add: Indie writers have to potential to keep 100% of the profits of their books! w00t! (If they sell direct through their website, up to 70% via Amazon and others, while traditionally pubbed folks get about 15%! Psyche!)

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